It was Friday, the 13! October, 2017! And a lot of celebreties came to be apart of the opening ceremony of click & surr. First of all, we have to mention OchoReSotto from Austria (Graz). They brought a Super 8 installation on five Eumig projectors. Loops showing the click & surr logo in different colors and pattern – have a look down here on the bottom of the page. And they also had a second great gift – a wooden Bolex H16 in super size. Holger Schwärzel, the guy from Kodak, showed our guests the prototype of the new Kodak Super 8 movie camera. And a lot of other friends and guests had been with us: Dagie Brundert, German’s queen of Super 8, Mario Loose of screenshot, Ludwig Draser (Andec filmlab), Lutz Rüter (vonSüden design studio), Gunnar Kunz (author), Matthieu de Schepper (graphic designer), Karten Aurich (TV film producer), Jan Nordsieck (Dresdner Schmalfilmtage), Deborah S. Phillips (film maker), Eva Hernandez and Bianca Stecker (Schiele & Schön publishing house), Marwan Mozayen (Photo Klassik magazine) and many more.