New SUPER 8 Magazine

Now a new printed magazine is coming out – the only one that takes care of Super 8. It is published 4 times a year and is available with a subscription to the premium content of the Super 8 web portal The new magazine is mainly about filmmakers and their projects, tips for better filming, portraits of the companies that take care of Super 8, cameras, films and scanning. The magazine comes from the same editorial team and graphic designer as the former magazines schmalfilm and small format, but has a different look to appeal to young filmmakers. The magazine is published bilingually in English and German.

The crazy thing is that we will produce the magazine on Kodak offset printing plates. They come from the last factory that Kodak still operates in Germany, which is located in the Harz Mountains. So we support Kodak twice over!

If you live outside Germany, the price for the 1-year-subscription is Euro 65 because of higher shipping costs. Order your SUPER 8 subscription here if you live within Europe (not in Germany), USA or any other country:

72 pages in the finest layout, packed with a lot of information from the Super 8 world, bilingual in English and German. The cover is made of chromosulphate cardboard, the outside is cellophaned with matt film. This magazine will be something special, just like Super 8 is. Printed on Kodak offset plates!

SUPER 8 is published 4 times a year. When there are enough great new topics again, a new issue will be printed. Look forward to the next issue in your mailbox. Kink-proof packaging!

Time does not pass, for example between the individual issues of SUPER 8, which is why the price of the subscription also includes the PREMIUM annual access for all contributions on films, workshops, news and great stories. Your daily read!