The new issue #4 of the SUPER 8 magazine

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SUPER 8 MAGAZINE #4 (shipping to all countries)


Narrow gauge train on narrow gauge film – a 16mm/Super 8 documentary on the Durango & Silverton railway


New Single-8 films available: B&W reversal and Color negative


What to do when the film stucks? Four tricks to help the film in the Super 8 cartridge to run smoothly through the camera


All about Single-8: all models, all the history – technical data of all camera models made by Fujica, Elmo, Canon, Konica, Yashiica


Jaime – a music video, partly produced on Super 8

Great Britain

Straight8: How to get in a world famous film festival with your Super 8 film?

The Netherlands

Test your cameras: Mirror cartridge for Super 8 models

The Netherlands

A cable for every projector – back under power. Edwin van Eck presents new plug ins for old machines.


Space of memory. A special 8mm projection room in Kyoto


Shigeo Mizukawa – The face of Single-8. About the designer of nearly all Fujica movie camera models